Business Advice Open Days

Organisations you can meet at Business Advice Open Days

At a Business Advice Open Day, you can meet people who have expert knowledge on a variety of business issues - from turning your idea into a successful business, to finding sources of help when you need them.

You can also make sure you are complying with the law in key areas such as health and safety, employment law and taxation.

The line-up of each event depends on the size of the venue. However, some of the key national partners that you can speak to at many of the open days include:

As the events are organised by HMRC, there will also be individuals offering advice about all business tax issues.

These organisations may not attend all Business Advice Open Days and additional organisations may attend other programmes. You should check the information on the Events Finder website for specific events to see who will be at the Business Advice Open Day you wish to attend.

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