Find and manage the money

Use your own money to start up

Discover your options for self-financing and look at the pros and cons of using your own money to get started

Understand how much money you need to start up

Identify your start-up costs and manage your money. Find out how to forecast your cashflow and record your profit and loss

Raise finance from outside investors or other sources to get started

Explore outside investment and 'non-bank' options for raising finance for your business

Raise finance from family and friends

Understand the advantages and disadvantages of raising finance from family and friends to start your business

Understand the basics of business banking

Learn about the basics of business banking, using bank finance to get started and important questions to ask your bank when starting up

Explore your finance options when starting up

Learn about the various sources of finance available to start-ups and which could be most appropriate for your business

Decide if you need an accountant or an adviser

Identify whether having an accountant or adviser is right for your business

Meet your financial commitments

Understand whether you can meet your financial commitments and how to cope when things don't go to plan

Find out what to do if you're refused finance

Consider alternative financial options if you're refused finance when starting up

Understand how to set up a record-keeping system

How to set up a basic record-keeping system and details of what records you need to keep and for how long

Financial and management accounts: the basics

How to use financial and management accounts, analytical accounting tools and reduce the risk of fraud

Stock control and inventory

Why stock control is important and the different methods of stock control available to you