Who is liable for Corporation Tax

Who is subject to Corporation Tax requirements?

The following limited companies and unincorporated organisations are subject to Corporation Tax requirements:

  • limited companies incorporated in the UK
  • foreign-based companies with a permanent place of business in the UK
  • members' clubs, such as social clubs, sports clubs and holiday clubs
  • societies, such as friendly societies and provident societies
  • associations, such as housing associations and trade associations
  • co-operatives
  • other unincorporated associations
  • groups of individuals carrying on a business that is not a partnership
  • charities, or companies that are subsidiaries of - or wholly owned by - a charity
  • NHS foundation trusts if they are carrying out significant commercial activities that are not part of core health care delivery - such as running a commercial laundry

The taxable profits or surpluses of these businesses and organisations are subject to Corporation Tax requirements.

A company or organisation subject to Corporation Tax requirements is known to HM Revenue & Customs for Corporation Tax purposes as being 'within the charge to Corporation Tax', 'chargeable to tax' or in 'the charge to tax'.

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