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Social enterprise skills

As with any business, to run a successful social enterprise you need a wide variety of skills, so employing staff with business, financial, promotional and communication skills will give your company a strong, broad-ranging skills base.

Typical skills needed to run a social enterprise include:

  • Leadership - showing confidence while being energetic and likeable can motivate and inspire.
  • Teamwork - all members of the team should be able to work together to achieve shared aims.
  • Finances and administration - keeping good financial records, sticking to a budget and monitoring your cashflow to keep the business running.
  • Communication - the ability to create new business opportunities can depend on effective communication skills. A social enterprise has to communicate clearly and effectively to people both in and outside of their team.
  • Problem solving - finding flexible and innovative solutions to problems while making sure you stick to your social goals.
  • Understanding - being aware of the social and/or environmental problems you are trying to solve through your social enterprise.
  • Business skills – these can be gained by taking up short courses, attending workshops and seminars.

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