Starting a business from home

Managing your home-based business

Managing your business properly will improve your chances of success and prepare you to grow your business.

Developing relationships

The more you communicate with customers, suppliers and other entrepreneurs, the more business opportunities you will identify.

For example, developing relationships with suppliers and other businesses might enable you to bid for public procurement contracts - something that would be impossible on your own. See our guides on joint ventures and partnering and an overview of selling to government.

IT is the key to many aspects of business development - see our guide on how to plan your IT.

Stay in touch with fellow entrepreneurs through networking, speaking at events, contacting local journalists and entering awards and competitions.

Consider using customer contact, feedback and loyalty schemes to retain customers and increase your sales. See our guide on how to manage your customer care.


Cashflow is the lifeblood of every business. You must do all you can to ensure that money owed is coming into the business. You can ensure prompt payment by issuing invoices on time and having a system in place to alert you to non-payment. See our guide on getting paid on time.

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