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You can find out about possible franchise opportunities from a range of sources.

A useful starting point is the British Franchise Association (BFA) website. As well as offering guidance and seminars on franchising, it provides contact information on all BFA members' franchise opportunities - both new franchises and existing franchises for resale.

Find members who may be offering new franchises on the BFA website.

Franchises are advertised and written about in various national newspapers and in trade publications such as:

Websites such as and Franchiseinfo can be a useful source of information on franchises. You can find other listings using a search engine and searching for terms like'franchise', 'franchise opportunity' or 'franchise directory'.

Attending a franchise exhibition can also be a good way of finding out what's on offer. You can find details of some major franchise exhibitions on the Franchiseinfo website.

But tread carefully. Advertised franchise opportunities - particularly multi-level marketing schemes - can be untried, dishonest or even illegal. Assess the franchise opportunity carefully and check if the business offering the franchise is a member of the BFA.

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