Set up and register a limited company (private or public)

Where to register your company and get help

The registration process for a limited company can be handled directly with Companies House or you can use the services of a company formation agent, accountant or solicitor to do it for you. A third option is to use the online web incorporation service with Companies House. This allows a company limited by shares, with model articles in their entirety with a non-sensitive name to be incorporated online.

Find the model articles of association on the Companies House website.

How much will registration cost?

The cost of registering a company online is considerably lower than on paper. Find out more about Companies House fees on the Companies House website.

The quickest way to incorporate a company is to file the application electronically. To find software filers, who provide this as a chargeable service, see the list of online filers on the Companies House website.

Where can I get help?

Companies House can advise you on the basics of the registration process, but they cannot give you detailed advice on how to draw up the necessary documentation. It is a good idea to seek professional advice. A company formation agent, solicitor or accountant can offer advice or carry out the process for you for a fee. Again, look in your local telephone directory or search the web.

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