Set up and register a limited company (private or public)

Checklist: setting up and registering a limited company (private or public)

As well as registering your business as a company, there are several other things that you need to do to put it on a proper legal footing. Make sure you:

  • Display your company's name so it can be clearly seen by all visitors to its registered office or other places of business.
  • Display your company's name clearly on all its business stationery, including letters, invoices, receipts and cheques and your company website if you have one.
  • Show your company's place of registration, registered number and registered office address on all its business letters, order forms, emails, website and faxes.
  • If any company directors' names are included in letters (other than in the text or as the person signing it) you must include the names of all the directors.
  • Send all the necessary registration documents and forms to the Registrar of Companies, completed and signed. See the page in this guide on registration documents and forms.
  • Check you have received confirmation - certificate of incorporation - from the Registrar of Companies that your application for limited company status has been successful. The company comes into existence only when the Registrar of Companies issues a certificate of incorporation.
  • Contact HM Revenue & Customs to inform them that your company exists.

It's worth remembering, though, that the above checklist only covers the basics. There are many other tax and reporting obligations that your company must meet from year to year. Use our interactive tool to find out the records you must keep as a business.

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