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Here are some case studies showing how your business can save money and increase efficiency

1. Staff awareness

Staff awareness

Buttermarket shopping centre in Ipswich began a lighting awareness campaign to ensure that all staff were aware of potential savings, such as making good use of natural light and switching off lighting in unoccupied areas. Within just one year, the centre has implemented over half of the suggested actions including fitting lighting controls and time switches to vending machines. It was estimated that if all prioritised measures were implemented, the centre would make an annual saving of more than 150 tonnes of carbon dioxide and cost savings of £19,366.

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2. Working with suppliers

Working with suppliers

Boots UK Ltd, realised cost and environmental benefits throughout their supply chain by implementing resource efficiency projects. Benefits include:

  • transport and disposal cost savings of £393,000 in the first 18 months following the introduction of a new display unit
  • 20 tonnes of virgin material and £2,100 saved by the introduction of plastic bottles with a 30% recycled content
  • Supplier savings of over £20,500 in transport costs over three years by installing warehouse baling machines

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3. Improve waste management

Improve waste management

Chelmsford's High Chelmer Shopping Centre is the town's largest shopping centre, and consists of over 80 retail outlets. Following an awareness campaign aimed at increasing effort to reduce waste generation and increase recycling, a number of opportunities were spotted. These included improving the segregation and disposal of cardboard and segregating and baling polythene which led to tonnes of material being diverted to landfill. As a result, the financial savings made from improved recycling initiatives have provided means to support other currently non-financially self sufficient environmental issues.

Download the full case study (PDF, 331KB)

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