Manufacturing tips

Here are some case studies showing how your business can save money and increase efficiency

1. Involve your staff in finding a wide range of ways to become more environmentally friendly

Involve your staff in becoming environmentally friendly

Yeo Valley, a dairy product manufacturer, achieved cost savings and environmental benefits by introducing a number of resource efficiency measures such as waste minimisation, water minimisation and packaging. The benefits achieved were:

  • 433,600 road miles saved per year, worth £715,440
  • 477 tonnes of waste diverted from landfill from one site in 2007, saving over £36,000
  • 7,500 m3 of water saved in 2007; and a significant reduction in annual carbon emissions

Download the full case study (PDF, 2269KB)

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2. Look for alternative uses for your waste materials instead of sending to landfill

Look for alternatives to landfill

James Robinson Fibres is one of the oldest textile companies still in existence in the UK. Following a detailed analysis of the carbon footprint, the company made a number of changes to their working practices including finding a way to reuse significant amounts of the carpet and textile waste. As a result:

  • Additional product sales opportunities of £250,000 and 50 tonnes of CO2 saving were identified

Download the full case study (PDF, 276KB)

3. Review waste management options to establish more cost-effective ways to deal with waste from manufacturing processes

Establish cost-effective ways to deal with waste

Snacks producer CTO Holdings Ltd was reviewing its waste management options to establish more cost-effective ways to deal with plastic waste arising from their manufacturing processes. Through sourcing a local firm willing to buy their plastics waste directly from CTO, they made cost savings of £2,500 per year (£10,000 expected long term) as the waste was diverted from landfill. They generated £11,000 sales, diverted 55 tonnes of waste from landfill per year and avoided the use of 110 tonnes of virgin materials per year.

Download the full case study (PDF, 132KB)

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