General tips

Top ten tips to help your business save money and increase efficiency.

1. Turn off office equipment when you're not using it

Overnight, at weekends and during bank holidays. Savings on just a single computer and monitor could be up to £35 a year.

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2. Cut lighting costs by as much as 15%

Turning off lights in empty rooms and replacing bulbs with energy saving ones.

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3. A constantly dripping tap can cost your business about £400 per year

Make sure you turn off taps fully and fix any drips.

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4. Save 4% of your turnover with waste management techniques

Such as partnering with other businesses to recycle waste or selling it to be used as raw materials.

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5. Save 8% on your company's heating bill

Turn the thermostat down one degree.

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6. Ask your suppliers about take-back schemes for unused products

You may be able to get your money back, or at least a portion of the cost.

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7. Save up to 1 month's worth of fuel

Over a year through smarter driving such as reducing load and good maintenance.

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8. Invest in efficient equipment to cut your energy and water costs

Government support includes interest-free energy efficiency loans delivered through the Carbon Trust.

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9. To refill an inkjet cartridge costs about half the price of a new one

Use email where possible, set your PC to print double-sided and refill printer, fax and photocopier cartridges.

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10. Always publicise your commitment to reducing your environmental impact

More than a third of consumers would favour recyclable products or those with minimal packaging.

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