Here's how I chose the right premises for my business (Flash video)

The Pure Package is a daily food delivery service, delivering freshly prepared, highly nutritious meals and snacks around London and the M25 area.

Founder Jennifer Irvine recognised the importance of having fresh and seasonal ingredients close to her kitchen. So she moved The Pure Package to the UK's largest fruit and vegetable market. Here, she talks about the issues that affected her decision.

Subjects covered in this guide

Jennifer Irvine - founder of Pure Package

Jennifer Irvine
Pure Package
Jennifer's top tips:

  • "Make a list of what you are looking for in your new location - that way you will not lose sight of your goals"
  • "Look at a map and think about the logistics - your premises needs to work for your clients, team and suppliers"
  • "Use your imagination - is this the place you want to work? Can you stay passionate about this place when you spend so much time here?"

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