IT & e-commerce

  • Introduction to IT

    Introducing IT to your business, basic information and advice on the decisions you need to consider

  • Suppliers

    Information to help you make the right IT choices and choosing and managing IT suppliers and providers

  • Software and business applications

    Find information on how different software and applications can benefit your business

  • Communications

    Information on how to ensure you have the correct communications in place for your business

  • Create and manage a website

    Advice on how to develop a website for your business

  • E-commerce

    How e-commerce can benefit your business and information on the mistakes to avoid

  • Data protection and legal issues

    Information on how data protection can affect your business and the legal issues to be aware of

  • IT security and risks

    How to ensure that you have the correct IT security and best practice

  • Employees and IT

    Guidance on IT support and policy for your staff

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Working 'in the cloud'

Find out how cloud computing could help your business become more efficient

How businesses can use cloud computing to cut IT costs and innovate more quickly

Managing an IT incident

Guidance on how you can introduce an incident management policy into your business

What Incident Management is and how it can help your business

Case studies

How people tackle real-life challenges and opportunities

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