Financial planning and accounts

Business budgeting

The importance of managing a budget as part of your business planning and how to create one

Financial and management accounts: the basics

How to use financial and management accounts, analytical accounting tools and reduce the risk of fraud

Set up a simple profit and loss account for your business

The financial records you need to keep in order to report your profit or loss

Balance sheets: the basics

Balance sheets show a business' assets and liabilities and can help you assess a business' financial health

Set up a basic record-keeping system

What you need to record and for how long, with step-by-step guidance on setting up your own system

Investment appraisal techniques

Techniques for assessing potential investments and key factors to consider

Identify which VAT scheme your business is eligible to use

This interactive tool will help you to identify which VAT scheme is right for your business

Avoid the problems of overtrading

How expanding businesses can match production and order cycles using gearing, working capital or quick ratio tests

Advice for seasonal businesses

How seasonal businesses can plan their cashflow, staff and stock levels and other activities

Assess your business' performance

Use our interactive tool to assess how well your business is currently performing

Pension planning for the self-employed

How pensions work, the basic state pension, stakeholder pensions and choosing a personal pension scheme

Consider your exit strategy when starting up

Considering an exit strategy when you set up a business - from a family succession or trade sale to liquidation

Choose and work with an accountant

How to choose the best accountant for your business' accounting, financial and taxation requirements