Debt recovery

Ensuring customers pay you on time

Actions you can take if a payment you are due is late

Recover your debts

This interactive tool helps you understand the various ways in which you can recover money owed to you

Dissolved company assets: the basics

An overview of bona vacantia, what happens to dissolved company assets and the role of the Treasury Solicitor

Calculate the interest due on an unpaid debt

Interactive tool to calculate the statutory or contractual interest you may be able to charge

Formal requests for payment: statutory demands

What statutory demands are and how they could impact on you or your business

Get help and advice about your debt problems

How specialist debt and financial organisations can help to sort out your money problems

Recover debt through court

Your options when trying to obtain money owed to you and the procedures involved when taking your claim to court

Recover your debt through court: Money Claim Online

HM Courts' secure online system that can be used to issue and respond to claims for money owed

Recover your debt through court: Possession Claim Online

HM Courts' secure online system for the repossession of property for the non-payment of rent or mortgages

Owed money from a bankrupt or a company in liquidation

What to do if your business is owed money by an individual in bankruptcy or a company in compulsory liquidation

Make someone who owes you money bankrupt

Information on how to make someone bankrupt as a way of recovering money owed to you

How to wind up a company that owes you money

How creditors can use compulsory winding-up orders to attempt to recover monies owed by an insolvent company

Avoid insolvency

Keep an eye on cashflow to help you avoid insolvency and do not allow debts to exceed assets