Understanding European banking services


If you are a business based in the UK aiming to set up a business elsewhere in Europe, you need to know how commercial banks operate in Europe. You also need to know how business banking services differ from those offered by the majority of UK commercial banks.

Since many major European banks have an international network, you may find that you can operate a business account and exchange currencies without changing banks. However, each national banking system is different, and, therefore, the conditions and charges that are associated with certain services also differ from country to country.

This guide explains what you need to set up a business bank account in Europe, and the banking services available. Please note the term 'Europe' covers countries in the European Union and European Economic Area.

You will also find details of euro accounts with a UK-based bank, and information about the Single European Payment Area initiative. Finally, the guide provides information on writing a business plan and alternative funding for small to medium enterprises.

Subjects covered in this guide

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