Implement staff incentive schemes

Ensuring the incentive scheme is successful

You can take measures when setting up an incentive scheme to help ensure its success. These include:

  • briefing the workforce
  • training supervisors to answer employee or trade union queries
  • documenting how the scheme will work to avoid misunderstandings
  • running a pilot scheme to see if any adjustments should be made

Monitoring the system is an ongoing process - problem areas should be highlighted and promptly addressed.

Is the scheme working?

Establish a system that keeps a record of objectives and goals. Remember that some incentives/perks can indirectly benefit the business.

Review the incentives and find out through feedback whether staff value them.

Incentives should not discriminate against certain staff, eg membership of a men-only golf club.

Evaluating the scheme

Set a time for evaluating the scheme and involve staff or union representatives.

You should aim to find out:

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