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Manage a development project

Project managers are essential to ensure the successful development of new products or services. The project manager is responsible for:

  • controlling costs and allocating resources
  • drawing up the product or service's specification
  • co-ordinating the product development team - see the page in this guide on creating a project development team
  • timetabling the development process
  • troubleshooting

Timetabling the development process

Your project manager should draw up a critical path for the completion of key tasks and stages in the product development process. SMART (specific, measurable, agreed, realistic and time-bound) objectives should be introduced to help measure and monitor progress.

However, your plans should be flexible as well so that you can deal with any unknown event that occurs. For example, you may have to deal with a change in the project's specifications or expected completion date.

For more information on managing your development project, see our guide on how to manage your research, design and development.

For more information on working with formal project management systems for the first time, see our guide on project management - the basics.

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