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Creating a project development team

Every potential new product or service needs a dedicated development team.

In creating your team you need to include people with a variety of skills. For example, you may need a creative ideas person, a technical expert, a marketing specialist, someone in charge of market research who understands customer needs, someone who can source components and someone who understands the supply-chain difficulties you could encounter.

All team members should understand your business' objectives and be committed to them.

There are many forms of effective teamworking and the right one for you will depend on your business' needs. For example, team members might:

  • work exclusively on one project in a single department, reporting to a project manager
  • work exclusively on one project but remain in separate departments reporting to department heads who are under the project manager
  • work on several projects at once with both a department head and project manager to monitor progress

Teams need someone in a project management role to lead, co-ordinate and motivate the team - see the page in this guide on how to manage a development project.

For more information on working with formal project management systems for the first time, see our guide on project management - the basics.

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