Businesses in difficulty

Assess your business' performance

Use our interactive tool to assess how well your business is currently performing

Ensuring customers pay you on time

Actions you can take if a payment you are due is late

Insolvency: the basics

What insolvency, bankruptcy and winding up are, how they can be avoided and what happens if you can't avoid them

Avoid insolvency

Keep an eye on cashflow to help you avoid insolvency and do not allow debts to exceed assets

Individual insolvency: find out your options for dealing with debt

An interactive tool to help you investigate alternatives to declaring yourself bankrupt

Complain against an undischarged bankrupt or disqualified company director

How to complain against a disqualified director, an undischarged bankrupt or a person subject to bankruptcy restrictions

Company and LLP strike-off, dissolution and restoration

How to deal with voluntary and compulsory strike-off or restoration of a registered business

How to turn your business around

The areas of your business that you should assess in order to uncover any problems or potential problems